500BBL Tank

Slope Top Tank 21,000 gal.

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Product Description

Model: STD-CA500

California style frac tank, 21,000 gal capacity (500 BBL), this tank has a slope on the top of the tank. No leaks, full drain, smooth walls for easy cleaning. With 8” manifold port, liquid level gauge and (4) 20″ steel manways, “V” shape floor for full drain. Standard models can always be customized to fit your needs; adding ports, manways or others. For more information download tank specifications or contact us today for a quote.


General information
  • Capacity:   500 BBL (21,000 gal/79,493 lts) Stationary capacity
  • Height:  11’-8’’ (3.56 m) - overall
  • Width:   8’-6’’ (2.59 m)
  • Length:   46’ (14.02 m) - overall (nose to tail)
  • Weight: 29,500 lbs (13,380 Kg)
Test performed
  • Water test:   3 psi, 1st , 2nd y 3rd test (if necessary)
  • Surface profile test:   Measures deepness after blasting 
  • Paint test: interior to 20 mils, exterior 6 to 8 mils
Tank Features
  • Quality Construction
  • Non-Corrugated Walls for Quick Clean
  • Positive Flow, “V” Bottom Floor System for Total Drain
  • Easy access, Permanent Stairway