Open Top Tank 17,800 gal.

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Product Description

Model: STD-OT424

Open top frac tank, 17,800 galon capacity. Our most popular open top model. Standard model has (3) 25″ manways, 3″ internal feed line, (4´length) at rear with threaded female cap and chain. Anti-skid stairway with safety handrail. Smooth walls and “V” shape bottom for easy clean and easy drain. We will customize to your needs. Contact us for more information or request a quote today.


General information
  • Capacity:   424 BBL (17,800 gal/67,380 lts) Stationary capacity
  • Height:  9’ - 6 1/4’’ (2.9 m) – to top of tank
  • Width:   8’-6’’ (2.59 m)
  • Length:   46’ (14.02 m) - overall (nose to tail)
  • Weight: 24,700 lbs (11,204 Kg)
Test performed
  • Water test:   3 psi, 1st , 2nd y 3rd test (if necessary)
  • Surface profile test:   Deepness measure after blasting 
  • Paint test:   interior to 20 mils, exterior 6 to 8 mils
Tank Features
  • Quality Construction
  • Non-Corrugated Walls for Quick Clean
  • Positive Flow, “V” Bottom Floor System for Total Drain
  • Easy access, Permanent Stairway