Mini Roll-off Open Top Tank 7,266 gal.

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Product Description

Model: MINI-ROOT173

Mini roll off open top tank, 7,266 gallon capacity (173 BBL.). Clean design, heavy duty construction, no leaks, full drain, easy to transport, with all the fitting you need, weir or non-weir. Download data sheet or contact us for more information. Request a quote today, let us know if you need a modification or accessory, we will customize to your specific needs.


General information
  • Capacity:   173 BBL (7,266 gal) Stationary capacity
  • Height:   8’-2 ½”
  • Width:   8’-6’’
  • Length:   23’-4 ½” (overall- nose to tail) / 20’ (Tank length)
Test performed
  • Water test:   3 psi, 1st , 2nd y 3rd test (if necessary)
  • Surface profile test:   Deepness measure after blasting 
  • Paint test:   interior to 20 mils, exterior 6 to 8 mils
Tank Features
  • Quality Construction
  • Non-Corrugated Walls for Quick Clean
  • Easy access, Permanent ladder